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Zoltan Pozsar Predictions. ZOLTAN POZSAR PRZEWIDUJE.

"So what is it that Zoltan Pozsar is saying that's got the whole world on edge?
He came out with a paper that outlined why he thinks the Fed has to start QE4 almost immediately, and if they don't interest rates
in the funding markets could get out of control bringing on a financial collapse.
To be clear, Zoltan Pozsar doesn't think that'll happen because he believes the Fed will step in, print money, like they always do and start another round of QE.
And this time they'll actually admit they're doing QE4, unlike the QE4 they're already doing in the repo market!!

Most people have a hard time interpreting the industry jargon Zoltan Pozsar uses in his paper outlining his thoughts.
But don't worry about that!! I take the summary of Zoltans paper and break it down for you in a way that's super easy to understand.
By the end of the video you'll understand what's going on better than the Fed!

I also discuss Jeff Sniders rebuttal to Zoltan Pozsar on the last Macrovoices podcast to you can get a different perspective.
And of course I give you my opinion on who has it right Zoltan Pozsar or Jeff Snider."

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