September 1st, 2020

WANTED: THE PING PONG! (nickname Yellow Fatman)

Wanted Ping Pong.png

The head of the yellow communist party - Ping Pong (nickname Yellow Fatman).
Born: 15 June 1953,
Special characters: fat,
Height: n.d.
Hair color: dark,
Eye color: n.d.
Last stay: Beijing,
Reason for the standstill: the need for therapy in the sanatorium,
Cause of therapy: previous therapy for Jewish-Zionist deviations at the Social Welfare Center in
Liangjiahe Village, Wen'anyi Town, Yanchuan County, Yan'an, Shaanxi, was without the hoped-for effect.
Goal of therapy:
Ultimative Entjuderung.

If someone knows the current place of residence of the right person, please inform SS.

d^Arius "Adolf II" Nowak von Piaskowsky

Marshal of the 3 SS brigades

Gutenbergstraße 9, 15806 Zossen
Waldbunker Nr. 1

Address of the sanatorium: